Freetouch is a patent pending SaaS-based product that enables instantaneous, anonymous and ad-hoc remote control of public-facing touchscreens and self-service kiosks from any smartphone. Simply install the controller software on any PC with internet connectivity – no additional hardware required. End users scan an onscreen QR code with their smartphone to connect to and interact with the display in front of them.

Our solution meets an urgent need in a wide variety of industry verticals that rely on touchscreen interfaces as part of their customer experience, from ATMs and retail kiosks to museums and attractions to airports and QSR, to name a few.

Freetouch is committed to making interactive installations safer to use during the pandemic and in post-COVID times through the development of advanced contactless technologies. We are a small, nimble, and thoughtful company that values doing few things well over doing all things, and always endeavors to do the right thing, even if it’s not the most advantageous for Freetouch.